Our Story

Inspired by the beauty of nature. As a child I can remember making daisy chains in my garden. I would lovingly give these delicate little treasures to my family and friends as gifts. This is where the inspiration for Wild Child Flowers was born.

I have a strong passion for everlasting blooms and love to hand dry my own botanicals, reinventing what was once known as just “dead flowers” in to an artwork of textural bliss. My love for the planet has inspired me to be a more eco friendly florist. Opting for a more planet conscious approach moving towards biodegradable and recyclable floristry methods. Wild Child Flowers has carefully selected to partner up with brands that follow the same ethos and share a love for the planet.

I would like to take the opportunity to warmly welcome new customers with open arms. I very much look forward to working closely with you to create something truly unique.

Wild Child Flowers

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